Welcome to Ekibike!

eKiBiKe is a totally free service that allows calculate any route in the world or search routes uploaded by other users among other things.

The major advantage is the precision of their profiles and ease in creating routes.


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Design route

Just have to do clicks on the map and press the calculate button . You get data and profile of the route quickly. You can combine the drive modes and walk google and directly of ekibike. You have options such as undo and redo points, and other preferences so that everything is to your liking. You can save to your computer or share your route created, and upload a from your device.

Search routes

Another interesting option is, instead of drawing your own routes, find routes that other colleagues have risen. You just have to go to the map you want explore and choose from the available routes. You can sort them by Desnivel Accumulated by distance or by type (linear, circular or mountain pass).

How does it work?

Calculate a route Ekibike is very simple, with just three clicks 5 seconds can have a calculated route. But you may be new or even desconozcas some features that are somewhat hidden as the ability to save the profile picture on your pc, you can add icons to routes or show the percentages of the profile with decimals. For all that is the manual where little has little will be more videos and recommendations.

Collaborate with Ekibike

Currently income ten euros monthly advertising medium and have a hosting spending € 160 a year. If you want to help further improve faster hosting ekibike acquiring or adding features you can make a donation to my paypal.